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KALMart with Marta

Wake up to your essential nature through playing.

  • 70 euros
  • La Coruña, Tenerife

Descripción del servicio

Marta's sessions focus on the appearances that are the core of our identity, recognizing them as ephemeral objects and foregrounding our unchanging true nature. The sessions focus on the recognition of the Witness andiron-dual Consciousness, until the recognition impregnates every moment. The non-dual consciousness (or the simple feeling of being) is omnipresent and it is already 100% present in consciousness right now. It can be recognized any moment... Each person access it through a different portal and knowing which portal determines the encounter with our essential nature which is unyielding KALM. With Marta you will learn to identify that Consciousness which is not a change of state, but a realization that it is always present, through all appearances and changes of waking, dream and dreamless states, of a timeless and unchanging Presence that is prior to "the individual I with which you identify." She uses more than 120 meditations from different wisdom traditions, combined with Aeroyoga, Integral Mindfulness, Musical therapy, etc. Marta's sessions are in Spanish or English, face to face in La Coruña or Tenerif or through Skype. The first session lasts 2 hour, including conversation, diagnosis and planning of practices. The follow up sessions can last 90 or 60 minutes. ​ For more information and to book a session, write to Marta:

Detalles del contacto

+ +34 615394069


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