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KALM Health with Karina

Discover your Essential health, be inspired to live a healthy life.

  • 150 euros
  • online

Descripción del servicio

KALMing HEALTH with KARINA ​ Kinesiologist, acupuncturist and reflexologist. I have worked as an integrated health practitioner for 27 years, combining food, natural medicine, mental reframing work and physical treatment in order to change focus, habits, and excuses to a currency of insight, ability and new responsibility. My deepest interest is to help people with health issues or existential challenges to understand how they are the key to their own recovery and healing. I am ever curious and a constant student of life and the diverse expressions of life. The transformation of energy and KALM is what drives me to always seek the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to bring order and organization to energy astray. I work with people with all kind of diagnosis. E.g. allergies, infections, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, joint issues (different kinds of rheumatism) fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue disorder, migraines and headaches, hormonal imbalances, hyper-hypoglycemia, skin eruptions and eczema, digestion issues, reoccurring infections, sleep disorders. anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and many more. I do not work with psychiatric diagnosis. Sessions are done either in person in Copenhagen or on the phone (skype, facetime etc.) The first session will always be 90 minutes including conversation, making the plan for eating, natural medicine, exercises physical and/or mental in order to give way to KALM in all aspects. A non severe health issue could be 1-3 sessions, a severe health issue could be 4-8 sessions. I expect my clients to fully participate in their own process. Follow up sessions can be 90 or 60 minutes. Karina's sessions are in English, French and Danish. For information and to book a session write to Karina:

Detalles del contacto

+ +34 615394069


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